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Parents (1989)Christopher Hawthorne VOSE

Dirección: Christopher Hawthorne.
País: Canadá.
Año: 1989.
Duración: 81 min.
Interpretación: Randy Quaid, Mary Beth Hurt, Sandy Dennis, Bryan Madorsky
Guión: Christopher Hawthorne.
Producción: Bonnie Palef.
Música: Jonathan Elias, Angelo Badalamenti .
Fotografía: Ernest Day, Robin Vidgeon.

Michael Laemle is a ten year old boy living in 1954 suburban Massachusetts. He has new friends at his school, a father with a great job at a chemical plant named Toxico, and a mother who is the perfect homemaker, both always smothering him with kindness. However, when he questions where the huge cuts of meat come from that his parents serve every night, his parents aren't so kind. They are short tempered, and refuse to answer his questions. He quickly begins to fear both of his parents when he begins to suspect his "perfect" family of keeping dark secrets from him. Why isn't he allowed in the basement? Michael knows his parents are engaging in cannibalism, and that he is in danger. Michael grows more hysterical and disturbed every time his parents try to feed him their "choice cuts". He confesses to the school counselor why he is afraid of his parents. She doesn't believe him, and if she doesn't, who will?


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